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6 Reasons Why Hydroponics Farming is Booming in Bangalore

by Dinesh Sengar on Dec 09, 2022

Process of Hydroponics Farming in Bangalore

It is easy to overlook the importance of leading a healthy, environmentally friendly life in our fast-paced world, particularly in metropolitan settings. We frequently put our well-being on the line because we are so concerned about moving forward. But given the conditon of the world today, it is more crucial than ever to re-examine our way of life and make some positive changes

Hydroponic plant growing is one strategy being used by individuals to address these issues. In hydroponic farming, plants are cultivated in water rather than soil. Despite the fact that this approach has been around for centuries, Hydroponics farming Bangalore has been growing in popularity due to all of its advantages. It makes better use of the available resources. In addition, it has a better yield than conventional farming and produces foods that are healthier.

Hydroponic Farming In Bangalore  

We do agree that the hydroponics systems' setup costs are greater per hectare, but with the increased yield and better crop quality, it is impossible to overlook this. Here are 6 reasons why Hydroponic Farming Systems are booming in Bangalore –

Easy Availability of Nutrient Solutions

By avoiding the soil, farmers are able to make huge profits with hydroponics in India. This is due to the fact that hydroponics, also known as soilless culture, is a method that enables plant growth in nutrient solutions. Instead of using soil, this farming technique calls for an inert medium like cocopeat, coir dust, sawdust, or gravel. Both of these inert media must be used to feed the plant with the necessary nutrients. Through any of these channels, your nutrient solution will go to the plant and offer crucial support. Hydroponics is gaining popularity in India due to this advantage. 

High Production With Unfavourable Climate  

What do you think are the biggest draws for a farmer? Did you consider the greater yield percentage and better crop quality? If you did, you are absolutely correct. Farmers in Bangalore have increased their output by 30% as a result of implementing a hydroponics system. The scope of Hydroponics farming in Bangalore keeps rising every year.

The main USP of the hydroponic plant system has been its ability to manage plant development by modulating the number of nutrients and water delivered to the plants. Experts claim that this method enables high-density production and promotes growth in Bangalore locations where an ideal climate and optimal soil conditions are only a pipe dream.

Less Space Is Required

Since hydroponics enables farmers to produce food in less area, many people choose it. For those who reside in metropolitan regions with limited available land, this is crucial. On rooftops, balconies, and even within residences, hydroponics systems can be installed. Additionally, because vertical farming uses a lot less space and water than conventional farming, it is a more ecologically friendly kind of agriculture. Instead of using conventional techniques that depend on rows and rows of crops, vertical farming enables farmers to grow several plants in a small amount of area. Vertical vegetable growing allows growers to fit more plants into a given space than horizontal. This implies that urban areas with limited room for traditional farming can support vertical farming. Less space required means there are new Opportunities with Hydroponic Farming.

Saves Water

The advantage of hydroponics is that it uses resources extremely effectively; this system stands for save water, save fuel, protect the environment. Water is wasted through evaporation and runoff in conventional farming in large quantities. There is hardly any waste when using hydroponics since the plants utilise all of the water and nutrients. This allows for more food production while using less water, which is crucial as worldwide water shortages become more frequent.

Continuous Harvest

Compared to conventional methods, this farming approach has the potential to produce much more growth cycles and multiple times greater growth. Crops can be grown and harvested continuously without the need for any essential waiting times, thanks to the usage of soilless growth. It is a practical option for both small- and large-scale agricultural enterprises since it allows for the production of more crops in a given amount of land.

Resistant To Invasive Species

Pesticides have not been able to completely protect our agricultural sector from exotic species. By cultivating crops indoors, we can completely remove the risk of crop exposure to both severe weather conditions and more frequent insect infestations. As a result, growing food inside is considerably more dependable and sustainable.

It's clear that more and more individuals are opting to produce their crops hydroponically, given the many advantages. These are just a few reasons why hydroponic farming in Bangalore is booming.

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