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Can Organic Foods Help to Lose Weight in Bangalore?

by Dinesh Sengar on Dec 22, 2022

Women takes Organic foods for weight loss in Bangalore

We all know that we are what we eat and that eating a good diet account for 70% of weight reduction, with exercise accounting for the other 30%. Adopting an organic diet plan could be the best option to maintain weight loss and get rid of harmful belly fat if you haven't been able to reach your fitness objectives despite changing your eating habits. Organic foods for weight loss in Bangalore can help you lose weight effectively.

Lose Weight with Organic Foods

Organic food is more nutrient-dense than conventional food, which is produced using chemical inputs. For instance, it has been shown that organic food has higher quantities of antioxidants and lower levels of cadmium. Some of the natural nutrients in food are killed by the chemicals used in farming inputs, making the meal less nutrient-dense. Here are some ways that eating organic food can help with weight loss – 

Rich in Oxidants

Organic food is known to have a high number of antioxidants. It has been shown that organic fruit and vegetable types contain 20–40% more antioxidants than conventional ones. We are all aware of these nutrients' numerous health advantages.

The increased toxin levels are one of the main causes of most people becoming obese or gaining unnecessary weight. The majority of these toxins originate from conventionally grown food. Organic foods have a high content of antioxidants and aid in the body's toxin removal. A healthy thyroid also enhances metabolism, which increases fat burning. The body stops producing new fat cells.

Reduce Carving

The main cause of cravings is chemicals used in traditional farming. People continue to consume more chemically laced food because of this type of addiction, which results in the body accumulating more toxins. That is how most individuals gain weight as a result of bad food addiction.

There are no cravings or addictions to organic food. As a result, you won't have a problem overeating any foods, especially those that are known to make you gain weight, such as potato chips and wheat goods.

Less Sugar

Organic food consumption can also help in weight reduction by lowering the consumer's intake of sugar. An excellent example is the difference in simple sugar and starch content between fruits that are organic and conventional. Have you ever wondered why commercialized fruits are generally larger, sweeter, and less vitamin and antioxidant-dense? Well, the sugar content is to blame for it.

Traditional fruits like apples and oranges are large and loaded with sugar and carbohydrates. They are sweeter than the organic alternative because of this. You will eat more calories if you consume such fruits. That is how these foods cause people to gain weight. However, the sugar content in organic foods is lower, which is one way you can naturally lose weight.

Healthy Carbohydrates

The primary cause of obesity and other metabolic illnesses in the present generation is eating polished rice and refined flour. These meals are largely made of simple carbs and provide the body with very little nutrition. Simple carbs digest rapidly, prompt hunger, and raise blood sugar levels.

The opposite is true for grains cultivated organically, such as wild rice, brown rice, millet, etc., which include complex carbs, fibre, and antioxidants. These grains are processed slowly by the body, which prevents overeating. Likewise, the micronutrients in these grains are advantageous to health.

Lower Glycaemic Load

Even while many organic snacks and desserts lack this benefit, sticking to an organic diet rich in meats, fruits, and vegetables have a far lower glycemic load than the processed counterparts. Greater insulin sensitivity is a result of a lower glycemic index, which also contributes to a more balanced hormonal profile. It is substantially easier to reduce extra body fat when your hormones are in balance.

Organic food has several health advantages and is excellent for weight loss. Before purchasing, one should verify whether the product is truly organic. Onlyhydroponics provides you with authentic organic food in Bangalore at affordable prices. Our foods can help you lose weight and lead a healthy life!

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