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6 Reasons why hydroponics is healthier rather than soil

by Chandan Varshney on Sep 23, 2021

6 Reasons why hydroponics is healthier rather than soil

Hydroponics is healthier than soil farming:
Growing plants without soil were confined to laboratories till yesterday. However, today cultivation of vegetables on the soil-less medium has become possible. This method of growing plants without soil is called hydroponics. Nutrients are needed for the growth of plants, which they absorb from the soil, but if these essential elements are provided to them with water, then the soil is not needed. Due to this method, indoor farming is possible in a controlled environment, and crops can be grown even in unsuitable climates and soil. Soil toxicity and unpleasant effects of weeds also get rid of. In many places, due to the soil not being healthy, plants absorb more of the harmful elements from it, which has a bad effect on the health of humans and animals. The effect on the human health of arsenic, cadmium, etc., found in large quantities in the soil of many places, is known as a significant problem in several regions of the world. Just a reminder, if you are looking for hydroponic vegetable stores in Delhi NCR, then check out our shop section. We provide the best hydroponic food in Delhi NCR.
There are many benefits of hydroponics farming. Up to 90% of water can be saved with this technology because water is recycled. 2-8 times the production can be done in the same space as compared to the soil. Due to the rapid growth rate of plants in hydroponics, many crops can be grown in a limited space in a short time. Hydroponic plants grow fast. Many pests and diseases are transmitted from soil to plants, so hydroponics is a cleaner growing system with fewer disease problems. Since hydroponics is indoor, it is ideal for plant growth. So it can be used to produce throughout the year. Here, we have gathered some information about the reasons why hydroponics is healthier than soil farming.

It does not contain a lot of chemicals:
Food grown in soil contains lots of chemicals, pesticides compared to hydroponically grown food. These chemicals are harmful to the human body. Hydroponically grown plants do not require lots of chemicals because these crops are grown indoor and inside water that contains minerals and nutrients. As for the plants grown in soil, they grow outside. Insects and pests can directly harm them. So, farmers use pesticides to save the crop.

It contains minerals and nutrients:
Hydroponically grown crops grow in water full of minerals and nutrients. These minerals and nutrients are absorbed by the roots directly. So, the plants get the proper amount of minerals they require. As for the crops in soil, soil condition is not always good. So there is always a need to add lots of minerals and nutrients to the soil with fertilizers to give it a genuine quality to help crops grow healthy.
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It is environmentally friendly:
Hydroponics crops are environmentally friendly. There is no use of any sort of chemicals that are harmful to the environment. These crops are grown indoors. So they also don’t contain harmful bacteria or any germs. Crops grown in the soil can carry bacteria and germs as they grow outside in fields.

One of the primary difference between crops grown in soil and hydroponics is the yield. Plants that are grown in hydroponic are very healthy comparing to growing one in soil. Crops produced by hydroponics yields 20-25%, and crops are grown in soil are not even closer to it.

Healthy plants:
Hydroponically grown plants are healthier than compared to the ones grown in soil. The plants are strong and are filled with minerals. Crops grow fast in hydroponic methods, and plants are healthy. However, in soil, crops take time to grow, and there is no guaranty that they will be in good shape.

Better Growth Rate:
Do Hydroponic Plants Grow Faster Than Soil? Yes, because you can determine the conditions conducive to plant growth, such as temperature, light, moisture, and especially nutrients. As plants are kept in favorable conditions, nutrients are provided in sufficient quantities.

So, with all the available information, it can be said that hydroponics is better than soil farming. According to several experts, hydroponic farming is the future of agriculture. Are you a fan of hydroponics and currently living in Delhi? Are you looking for hydroponic vegetable stores in Delhi NCR or hydroponic food in Delhi NCR? You can check out our shop section.

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