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Is it really possible to grow without chemicals?

by Chandan Varshney on Oct 06, 2021

Is it really possible to grow without chemicals?

With India reporting agricultural usage of 52 tons of pesticides and 30,000 tons of fertilizers in just one year, you just wonder is it really possible to do farming without these harmful chemicals?

It is a very obvious and pertaining question if it is really possible to grow food without all the harmful chemicals and fertilizers? If it is then why isn't everyone else doing it?

Lets look at it from two angles:

1. Feasibility: Yes, it is possible to grow all food without harmful chemicals. we humans were doing it until all types of industrial and chemicals revolutions around 19th and 20th century. We started looking at everything at ROI (return on investment) level without looking at long term impact of some of our decisions. We started feeding growth hormones to food to grow it faster and bigger, we started killing all types of pests without looking at environmental impact of it, and we started applying colors & preservatives so that we keep it longer during transit or cold storage. Almost 99% of the food grown today has some type of harmful chemicals applied to it.

2. Reality: The reality today is that we have spoiled the soil that even so called "Organic" food has unsafe levels of heavy metals and other chemicals while they may not have been added intentionally by farmer. plus 99% of food grown in India is anyways grown with the unwarranted amount of fertilizers and pesticides. The cost of growing food without these short cuts is high, takes more efforts and requires high capital expenditure. Most of the growers today tend to take short-cuts and we at customers end prefers lower cost in short term at the expense of our long term health.

How are we at Onlyhydroponics changing it?

We are not traditional farmers rather we are the first generation from our family to try our hands in farming. hence we don't carry any legacy baggage of using chemicals. We invested heavily into technology and indoor farms built-up to support our vision of growing vegetables without chemicals, fertilizers or pesticides. We made the need of pesticides redundant by keeping the indoor farms pests-free, replaced Genetically-modified (GMO) seeds with imported organic non-GMO seeds and started using pure forms of nutrients and micro-nutrients in place of fertilizers like Urea/DAP. We harvest fresh for your order reducing the need of preservatives/colors and cold storage. you can get best quality hydroponics salads, exotic vegetables and herbs in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Ghaziabad, NCR region at your doorstep with next day delivery. Our Salad mixes are keto diet friendly to support your diet regime.

As customer, you should not trust just words like we wouldn't. So we got our products tested by FSSAI approved labs for all types of pesticides and chemical presence. See it yourself and indulge yourself in natural taste of food with us at https://www.onlyhydroponics.in/collections/all. All of our products are organically grown with non-GMO seeds and imported nutrients to serve the best quality hydroponics vegetables and salads to you.

Lettuce Locarno product test reports (Feel free to contact us for detailed reports):

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